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If you are a beginner or intermediate photographer;


If you have had your camera for a while, or you bought it recently and you would love for a professional photographer to help you use and understand your camera optimally and to become a great photographer;


If you want to work more effectively at editing your photographs and create a smooth workflow; 


              If you want to understand the elements of a beautiful photograph and learn to tell a story with your images:

There is an option for everyone...tailor-made to your needs!

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Who is Ananda Photography?

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Ananda has an incredible talent in identifying one’s level of expertise as it relates to photography. Her mentoring and guidance, education, and patience allowed me to develop my skills at a comfortable pace. What I once felt I would never understand, I now do!
There is such satisfaction in learning a new skill and sharing the journey with Ananda was such a gift. My new found passion for photography fills my every free moment. My appreciation for nature has deepened beyond my imagination.
If you are keen to become a better photographer, no matter what level you are at now, I highly recommend you share the adventure with Ananda!